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09 May 2011 @ 04:24 am
another post about nothing  
So I'm sitting around reading ontd_pinto when I realize that the picture at the top is Pinto riding a pinto horse, which (as a lifelong horseback rider) I should probably have noticed before. 

Also I am currently re-watching Starship instead of studying for a huge chemistry exam. My brain went Starship to Star Trek to Pinto, which is why I was reading ontd_pinto, and then regular ontd, and then decided I should actually get around to joining both instead of just watching them, because lurking is boring and I have been lurking for way too long now, mostly from my old journal, and I don't want to do so from this journal. So I guess I'll go do that now. Then study. T-minus 7 hours until exam time.

Cool story, bro.
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